Who are we?

We are Market Crafters.  

Until September 2022, the agency did business as Rippe Keane Marketing. After 27 years, a crapload of awards, hundreds of clients, and an earned reputation as one of Wisconsin’s most innovative marketing firms, we rebranded. A retirement and a change in the agency’s ownership structure made that make sense.

Market Crafters carries forward and doubles down on Rippe Keane’s track record.  

Many of the lessons learned in the 90s and oughts don’t apply anymore. Media consumption has changed. Audiences’ bullshit meters turned up to high. Streaming services, apps, podcasts and digital spaces have started to replace traditional communication channels. Devices are hearing your every word and tracking your every move. Brand loyalty now comes with a million disclaimers about company values, philanthropy, sustainability and transparency.

Believe it or not, all this change is good. It gives us quicker access to relevant audiences. We can tailor messages to individuals. We can track and measure behavior like never before. We can follow prospects through to conversion. And we can assure clients that their dollars are never wasted in loud, crowded and inappropriate spaces.  

And that’s what makes our business fun – the constant hunger to learn, research, test, pivot and keep up with an ever-evolving landscape.

“Own Your Space” captures our philosophy (and our commitment) to staying on the cutting edge of all that change. Because our clients can’t own it until they can find it. And that’s where we shine. A precision approach to strategy simply generates better results and draws a direct cause-and-effect relationship between our work and client revenue.