What Is Brand Personality?

Market Crafters| Branding | February 1, 2024
3 minutes

How To Cultivate a Unique Identity for Your Business

Creating a distinct brand that stands out is essential in today’s crowded business landscape. If you can find a way to highlight the intangible qualities that give your business character, you’ll pave the way to deeper connections with your target audience. AND, if people really connect to what you’re putting out, you’ll inspire loyalty. There’s a jargon-y marketing term for all this… and it’s called brand personality.

What is brand personality?

Brand personality is the set of human characteristics and traits that are attributed to a brand. Just like individuals, brands can possess specific qualities that make them relatable and memorable. These characteristics can include traits like friendliness, sophistication, innovation, reliability, humor, and pretty much any other personality trait under the sun. By defining and breathing life into your brand’s personality, you shape how your audience perceives and relates to your business.

Why does it matter?

Emotional Connection:

Brand personality allows you to form emotional connections with your audience. When customers resonate with your brand’s personality, they’re more likely to become loyal supporters.


A defined brand personality ensures consistency in your messaging and marketing efforts. It provides a framework for creating content and making business decisions that align with your brand’s identity.


A well-crafted brand personality can build trust with your audience. When customers perceive your brand as reliable and authentic, they’re more likely to trust your products or services.

How do I cultivate brand personality?

Know your audience.

Understanding your target audience is the first step in shaping your brand’s personality. Conduct market research to discover the values, preferences, and aspirations of your potential customers. What kind of companies do they want to work with? What’s important to them when they make a decision or purchase?

Define your brand’s core values.

What does your brand stand for? Identify the essential values that will form the foundation of your brand personality. These values should align with the needs and desires of your target audience. They should also connect with your business goals.

Lean into your personality traits.

Highlighting the personality traits that resonate with your brand’s values will help create deeper connections with your audience. These traits should guide everything from your messaging and design to your customer interactions and their journey.

Consistency is key.

Ensure that every aspect of your business reflects your brand personality. This includes your logo, website design, social media content, and even the way your employees interact with customers.

Tell a compelling brand story.

Use storytelling to convey your brand’s personality to your audience. Share your brand’s journey, values, and mission in a way that evokes emotions and spurs action.

Engage with customers authentically.

Be authentic in your brand communications. Build a brand identity that you can consistently and authentically breathe meaning into. Authenticity builds trust, and customers are more likely to connect with a brand that they can tell is genuine and transparent. People can tell when you’re not being real, especially consumers in younger generations, and they’re not afraid to call you on it.

Plan to adapt and evolve.

Over time, your brand personality may need to evolve to meet changing market dynamics or customer preferences. Stay attuned to your audience, continue to engage in research or feedback mechanisms, and be willing to adapt your message while staying true to your core values.

A client example of brand personality attributes in action:

Brand personality should be treated as the common denominator that defines your entire brand and business. If you want your business to stand out, connect emotionally with your audience, and build lasting relationships, it all starts with cultivating a unique, authentic identity. The good news? All you have to do is be yourself.

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