We Found This Fascinating

From testing out the latest Snapchat filters to “5 Minutes of Sports Talk with Nate” our lunch conversations are far from dull. We’ve gathered some of the articles that we share around the office here.

There’s more to LaCroix’s unique marketing strategy than its 80s style packaging and exotic flavors. See how its savvy branding and low budget has made it a success beyond the Midwest.

In a world filled with filters and editing resources, LG’s “This Is Real” campaign brings authenticity to the spotlight. Check out the awe-inspiring ads here.

When you think Twitter, do you think of banking institutions? 79% of financial brands’ social media posts are pushed out on Twitter compared to any other social platform.

Navigating healthcare marketing is becoming increasingly challenging. See what marketing must-dos were discussed at the U.S. News Healthcare of Tomorrow conference.

Old Stories We Used to Find Fascinating…

Did you know that this history of Earth Day in our country is inextricably linked to an advertisement and a San Francisco ad man named Howard Gossage? Read more about the impact of a single ad on the modern environmental movement.

One video we’re loving this week: the country of Georgia welcomed its 6 millionth tourist and prepared a monumental surprise for him.

The red Solo cup is quintessentially American. Read the history of the ordinary cup that was never meant to be a classic.

Sculpture: Kristen Visbal – Photo: Federica Valabrega
The iconic charging bull statue in Manhattan was joined in the middle of the night by another statue and we’re loving it. She’s called “The Fearless Girl” and it’s a guerrilla tactic to emphasize the power of women in leadership. We’re loving it and you can learn more about it on Adweek.

This United by Half campaign for United Colors of Benetton not only delivers a powerful message during the week before International Women’s Day, but it is produced beautifully. Words don’t do it justice, so watch it yourself!

The Brawny Man has been replaced by the limited edition Brawny Woman for Women’s History Month. If you search the hashtag #StrengthHasNoGender, you’ll find short films that feature trailblazing women. Not only do we love their stories, we love how the Brawny Women are rocking that iconic flannel.

And for one last dose of awesome empowerment, watch “This Girl Can: Phenomenal Woman.” It’s a Sport England ad meant to encourage women to exercise, which in description alone isn’t that interesting. But listen to the poem Phenomenal Woman by Maya Angelou and watch the compelling scenes in the video directed by Kim Gehrig and we bet you’ll feel the powerful punch.

You might be asking yourself why in the heck there are random avocados all over our website. Here at Rippe Keane Marketing, we consume many avocados during the week. You might say we’re obsessed. We’re trying to figure out how much stock to buy in this company that has developed technology to keep avocados from browning.

This ad simply included a potato with “advertisement” written on it. Did this shenanigan hurt the brand or was it a brilliant stunt?  

Brands care about more than just how many people viewed their ads but the actions they take after.

With a few vegans in our own office, we’re beyond excited to see these new delectable, vegan flavors in stores from Ben & Jerry’s!

How did Oreo celebrate their 100th birthday? With a major power outage.

You might be asking yourself why in the heck there are random avocados all over our website. Here at Rippe Keane Marketing, we consume many avocados during the week. You might say we’re obsessed. We’re trying to figure out how much stock to buy in this company that has developed technology to keep avocados from browning.

Have you used Instagram Stories in your marketing efforts? We agree with this prediction that it will become a powerful marketing tool.

LensCrafters is harnessing the power of 360 video on YouTube to put you in the eyes of a child with poor vision. What do you think of this new technology?

With the Super Bowl fast approaching, read this awesome article about how social media is likely to affect the party you have.

This article on digital marketing tactics might not include revolutionary ideas, but the five ideas mentioned are critical to garnering more attention than your typical campaign.

What do you think of the proclamations that Instagram Stories is going to be the death of Snapchat? We’re not quite sure we’re ready to say #RIPSnapchat yet.

This article delves into the fascinating phenomenon of Pokemon Go, and how businesses can capitalize on it with two simple features.

With all the buzz about Instagram Stories, you might not have heard about this new Instagram feature that is trying a new approach to combat mental illness.

Samsung is trying to change the narrative after their Galaxy Note 7 went through a global recall and ultimately taken out of production. Will they be successful?

We’ve bookmarked this brilliant post about how to use overripe avocados that gave us hope for those avocados that were opened a day too late.

Have you ever wondered which generates the most response on Twitter: GIFs, images or videos? The platform released stats that answer that question and they’re not surprising.

TV today is more significant and omnipresent than ever before. This great Huffington Post article reports how TV has influenced the presidential campaign.

The football fans in the office were excited by being able to watch Thursday night games on Twitter with a live feed running alongside it. And the Twitter fans are excited to see if that does anything to their stagnant user base!

In the office, we’re talking about the lengths that restaurants go to appeal to millennials. Some of us love the transformations of these classic restaurant brands.


This week, we’re trying to figure out how we feel about this avocado popsicle that Huffington Post calls “shockingly delicious.”

As the Olympics wind down, the whole world is keeping their eyes on the medal count. We’re watching which brands/their brilliant marketing teams are earning gold. One ad we’re really digging right now: “Unlimited Youth,” featuring Oscar Isaac and Sister Madonna Buder, aka the Iron Nun.

The font you choose is the window into your brand style. Just ask Jimmy Kimmel. The man who designed his logo has also designed many big-named brand logos for decades and his inspiration behind them is fascinating!

In the world of digital voice assistants, iPhone users now have a choice! iPhone owners can now use Siri or Google Assistant; which one do you prefer?

Are static drive-thrus a thing of the past? McDonalds is taking fast food to a new level.

What do you think is the most engaging form of social media? According to the latest 2017 Internet Trends Report, this platform surpasses Facebook and Snapchat with users spending an average of 51 minutes on it every day.