You might be asking yourself why in the heck there are random avocados all over our website. Here at Rippe Keane Marketing, we consume many avocados during the week. You might say we’re obsessed. We’re trying to figure out how much stock to buy in this company that has developed technology to keep avocados from browning.


What do you think of the proclamations that Instagram Stories is going to be the death of Snapchat? We’re not quite sure we’re ready to say #RIPSnapchat yet.
This article delves into the fascinating phenomenon of Pokemon Go, and how businesses can capitalize on it with two simple features.


With all the buzz about Instagram Stories, you might not have heard about this new Instagram feature that is trying a new approach to combat mental illness.
Samsung is trying to change the narrative after their Galaxy Note 7 went through a global recall and ultimately taken out of production. Will they be successful?