Who does all that?

Get to know Scott Rippe…

What is your role at Market Crafters?
I tell people I’m a “Brand Architect” just to hear them ask, “WTF is a Brand Architect?” I love to build new brands, rebuild stale ones and help my clients turn those brands into unique cultures. I continue my life-long quest to harness the full power of the spoken and written word. And I never forget that real people – customers, patients, business owners – are making important decisions based on those words. I take that very seriously.

Who inspires you?
Anyone willing to get outside their comfort zone in order to advance a passion or belief. I adore risk-takers.

What is the most random TV show or movie that you’ve ever watched all the way through?
As a kid, I watched the PBA bowling tour on TV every Saturday afternoon. Seriously, EVERY Saturday.

What is the most common problem you solve for new clients when they first start working with Market Crafters?
Gauging their appetite and tolerance for change. What’s in play? What’s sacred? How long is my leash?

What drives you to do what you do?
Every so often, you see that “look” on a client’s face that can’t be described with mere words. When it happens, you know you’ve done something right, and it’s magical.