Rippeology Eclipse Forecast for Rippe Keane Staff

The solar eclipse is happening tomorrow and everyone is anxious to know if they’ll have a good view of the event. The latest Rippeology forecast shows that the cloud cover ensemble is still not looking good for the Madison area.

The culprit is a stalled front cutting through Wisconsin.

It looks like the Rippe Keane team members that won’t be in Madison, WI for the eclipse will have a better chance to see the event. Kathryn, who will be traveling to St. Louis, has a 50/50 chance for a clear view, things are still looking good for Judy in Nashville and Kevin has the best seat in the house as he will be able to see most of it in Key West, FL.

In case you haven’t already heard, the United States will be able to see the first total solar eclipse since 1979 on Monday, August 21. How cool is that?! Since a few eclipse-chasers from our team will be in the path of the eclipse, here’s a Rippeology forecast for this epic event!

*All times are local.

Best chance of seeing the eclipse at peak: Judy in Nashville.

Worst chance of seeing the eclipse at peak: The rest of us poor saps in Madison.

Most uncertainty for this forecast: Key West.

Most totality: Nashville (100% obscuration), followed closely by St. Louis (99% obscuration).

Least totality: Key West (71% obscuration).

Fun fact: Both St. Louis and Nashville will be quite warm (low to mid 90s), and with totality in their paths, will see significant temperature drops around peak time.

If you could be anywhere in the U.S. to see the full eclipse, the forecast and eclipse path suggest you should be in: Northern Oregon.

Current Cloud Cover map with eclipse path (white is good; blue is bad):