It’s impossible to choose just one. The messages really got us in this year’s Super Bowl ads and 84 Lumber and Audi left us with all the feels. And at the bottom of the page, you’ll find a bonus that goes beyond the ad; the extended web version of the hilarious Febreeze bathroom ad.

84 Lumber

Excellent work across the board, from concept to copy to cinematography. It was a big risk for the brand; not just in message, but in production costs. It was hard to watch, heartbreaking in fact, but ultimately it made us feel good.



Equal pay for equal work should not be a radical thought and we give props to Audi for saying just that.

Loveable Loser of this Category: Febreeze

Of this commercial, Scott said, “the absolute best, most creative, most relatable, most effective ad of the Super Bowl, bar none.”