Here’s what the Rippe Keane Crew is listening to at work!


And here’s what we’re binge watching at night!

‘Moone Boy’ on Hulu

Moone Boy

This sweet Irish series will make you laugh and cry. It’s a coming-of-age story that mixes in colorful Irish language and a storyline that keeps you glued to the tele. Pour yourself a cup of tea and put on a wooley jumper, and you’ll be ready for this amazing series.


‘Mozart in the Jungle’ on Netflix



Sex, drugs, and classical music. What else do you really need? This show is a Katie Hill favorite, making her wish she had stayed with classical flute rather than being distracted by boys. Who knew they could all go together?


‘Black Mirror’ on Netflix


Black Mirror is a mind bending Twilight Zone-esque mind melt. This show can’t really be binge watched, because your head will explode into a million pieces, but is worth your time if you love technology, riveting storytelling, and being a little suspended in confusion.