Team and Culture

Market Crafters’ values and culture are built from the bottom up, not dictated from the top down. We are virtual-first agency founded on trust and respect.

“Culture” these days means something a little different given the remote-heavy work environment. But as a team, we emphasize the following:

Have each other’s backs: we don’t root for anyone to fail; we root for them to succeed. And we help and support each other for that purpose.

Never stop learning: whether you’re 26 or 57, whatever you learned in college marketing classes probably doesn’t apply now. Be a student who is curious and hungry.

Balance: like every team, Market Crafters consists of wives, husbands, mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, aunts, uncles, pet owners and friends. Work/life balance is vital for both personal and professional happiness.

We believe there is strength in diversity. The agency is majority LGBTQ+-owned. The ownership group is 50% female. The staff is 80% female. Four staff members were born outside of the US. Nearly half of the staff speaks non-English languages (some better than others).

We rely on the unique perspectives and experiences of our employees to make us better, and to make our work better. We look for people who think differently from us and bring new skills and interests into our culture. And once they’re part of the team, we listen to them. Anyone can make suggestions, ask for improvements and create their ideal career path.

Our Team

We make Market Crafters a rare brand of weird.

Emma Robinson
Lauren Isely Ziegler
Kate Thomfohrda
Dani Ferrer
Daniella Torres