Our Twist on Client Appreciation


Have you ever planned a wedding? An 8-hour wedding? For 120 people?

That’s what it’s like planning the Rippe Keane Summer Golf Classic – our massive biennial client appreciation event. And since 2016 was Rippe Keane’s 20th anniversary, we knew this year’s Classic had to be extra special.

There is Christmas day, and then there is first day of the Badgers’ basketball season, and then there is the Rippe Keane Summer Golf Classic – the 3 greatest days of the year! And depending on how many drinks we’ve had, the RK Golf event is either the third or second or first.”

Jim McNulty
Senior Vice President – Business Banking
at Oak Bank

Yeah, so, no pressure there.

Each RK golf outing pays homage to something “Classic,” and in the early spring of 2016, we decided we could really unleash our creativity with “Classic Board Games.”

The event actually starts weeks before tee time – with the hand-delivering of the invitation, which has, over the years, taken on a life of its own. Here’s what that looked like in early July 2016

And with that, our “Scramble” game was on.
Guests started the day

by picking up a commemorative leather wallet stuffed with Monopoly money, and a big tent preview of the game-themed prizes they could “spend” their fake money on later in the day.

Hours before guests arrived,

we turned Hawks Landing into a great big interactive game board with gifts and prizes.

And then,

just as golfers were wrapping up the last couple of holes, Mother Nature decided to get into the game.

But our “wedding” was already a success

and the mutual love between Rippe Keane and our clients was on full display.

Each Rippe Keane Summer Golf Classic

also provides the perfect platform for supporting an important cause. This year’s “Community Chest” partner was Domestic Abuse Intervention Services (DAIS).  Through the amazing generosity of our clients and a fundraising match from Rippe Keane, we helped raise $3,000 for DAIS, and even added some classic board games to their inventory.