Market Crafters’ AI Policy Framework: Ethical Use of AI

Sandra Cruz| Working At MC | February 8, 2024
3 minutes

At Market Crafters, we’re all about pushing the boundaries with the latest marketing tech to supercharge our projects. Like everyone else, we’ve been exploring the ways that AI can up our marketing game.

In navigating the intricate landscape of AI, we ensure ethical use of AI is at the core of our strategy. We don’t want to get so caught up in the AI buzz that we forget the essence of what we do best: telling good stories, capturing audiences and driving results AKA marketing. By joining forces with us, you can also utilize AI to create campaigns and experiences that resonate with your target audience and leave a lasting impression.

So, we’ve put together some guidelines for ourselves to keep us on track. Check ’em out:

Ethical Use

We understand the potential of generative AI and therefore, we have a strong responsibility toward using it ethically. We’re all about fairness, taking responsibility, and staying transparent. We believe that honesty and open dialogue are crucial for creating a safe environment where everyone’s personal space, especially privacy, is respected. We have to lead by example and ensure that our actions align with our values.


The Creatives Team keeps an eye on intellectual property rights while making the most of AI tools. In our pursuit of innovation, we also closely follow cutting-edge industry developments, such as those outlined in the insightful article, AI: The Game-Changer in Mobile App Design Trends, which illuminates how AI is revolutionizing design processes. Adhering to our ethical standards, we endeavor to integrate such groundbreaking AI advancements within the boundaries of intellectual property laws, ensuring that our use of AI tools in design not only respects but also champions the rights of creators.

Copywriting and Content Development

We value crafting original content. While AI can lend a hand, it shouldn’t be the only go-to for respecting others’ intellectual property rights. Our commitment to upholding the integrity of intellectual property rights is unwavering, and we continually strive to ensure that our work is both innovative and ethically produced. By doing so, we honor the community of creators and maintain the trust of our audience.

Data Privacy

At Market Crafters, you can count on us to comply with data protection laws in all data utilized by generative AI. We’re serious about data privacy. With so many clients in the healthcare industry, it’s been ingrained in us to be. We strictly adhere to the principle of necessity for its intended purpose, and we always ask for permission before using any personal info. At the end of the day, data privacy is not just a legal obligation for us, but it is a fundamental aspect of who we are as a company. We are committed to continuously improving and evolving our privacy practices to ensure the protection of your data.

Quality Assurance

We know AI is cool and all, but it’s not perfect (even the fancy ones). We thoroughly review outputs generated by AI to ensure that the data used are accurate, relevant, and up-to-date. Human experts get the final say to ensure everything is top-notch!

In line with this human-centric approach, it’s essential to reference leading industry insights such as those found in the article, Using AI for your Digital Marketing Campaign (with a human touch). It offers a valuable perspective on harmonizing AI’s efficiency with the irreplaceable intuition and creativity of human marketers. Applying this strategy ensures that our campaigns are not only driven by data but also resonate on a personal level with our target audience.


We’re keeping a close eye on how generative AI affects our whole operation. We’re always open for feedback, and we’re not afraid to tweak things as we go to make sure we’re using this tech smartly and responsibly. Our ethos of innovation is firmly rooted in a desire to use AI to enhance our efficiency and creativity, yet we prioritize doing so with a conscientious mindset, ensuring ethical and thoughtful implementation at every turn. We’re all about innovation, but we wanna do it right!

Disclosure of AI Use

When we use AI on a larger scale, we make sure our clients know. We don’t keep it a secret! In those cases, we elucidate precisely how these AI tools, grounded in AI ethical use, have advanced our efforts, establishing clear and common understanding. No hidden algorithms or techy jargon here! Transparency is key.

At Market Crafters, we’re big believers in doing AI the right way. That’s why we created our AI Policy Framework – our guidebook for making sure this powerful tech is used ethically and responsibly in everything we do. Harnessing the benefits within an ethical use of AI framework is not just a promise, it’s a partnership we offer at Market Crafters. Our AI Policy Framework doesn’t merely serve our own operations; we share with our partners to cultivate a technology landscape rooted in trust and responsibility. Let’s work together to harness the power of AI for good!

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