5 Innovative Examples of Augmented Reality in Marketing

Market Crafters| New Technology | February 6, 2024
2 minutes

Staying ahead of the curve is essential to keeping the attention of your audience and creating a brand that lasts. Augmented Reality (AR) is game-changing technology that allows marketers to engage customers in unique ways.

Before we get too far ahead ourselves, how about a watered-down description of how AR works?

AR uses the existing real-world environment and puts virtual information, sometimes even a virtual world, on top of it to make the experience more vibrant.

For example, think of Pokemon Go. Users can search through actual neighborhoods for animated characters that appear on their smartphone. Now that you have visions of Pokemon racing through your brain, here are five innovative examples of how AR can transform your next marketing campaign.

1. Augmented Packaging

Brands are using AR to breathe life into their product packaging. By scanning a product’s packaging with a mobile app, customers can unlock immersive content such as product demonstrations, 3D models, or interactive storytelling. This not only enhances the unboxing experience but also provides valuable information in a captivating way.

2. Try-Before-You-Buy AR

AR is revolutionizing the way customers shop for products like cosmetics, furniture, and clothing. Brands are offering AR try-on experiences that allow customers to virtually try products before making a purchase. For instance, makeup brands enable users to virtually apply different shades of lipstick or eyeshadow, while furniture retailers let customers visualize how a piece of furniture will look in their home.

3. Location-Based AR Marketing

Like our Pokemon Go example, location-based AR marketing campaigns are on the rise. Brands use geolocation technology to trigger AR experiences when customers are in proximity to a specific store or landmark. For example, a restaurant can use AR to offer discounts or menu previews to passersby, enticing them to step inside.

4. AR Interactive Print Materials

Print marketing materials are being revitalized with AR. Magazines, brochures, and posters are embedded with AR markers that, when scanned with a mobile device, bring static content to life. This dynamic engagement not only captures attention but also provides additional layers of information and interactivity.

5. Gamification with AR

Gamification has proven to be an effective way to engage audiences, and AR is taking it to the next level. Brands are creating interactive games and challenges that users can participate in through AR apps. These games not only entertain but also incentivize users to spend more time engaging with the brand.

Bonus: Social Media AR Filters

Popular social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat offer AR filters that brands can use for marketing campaigns. These filters allow users to overlay branded content on their photos and videos, providing a fun and shareable way to interact with your brand.

Innovative applications of augmented reality in marketing are limitless.

By leveraging AR, brands can create immersive experiences that captivate their audiences, enhance brand recognition, and drive customer engagement.

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