Sports Influencer Marketing: Harnessing Fan Connection

Market Crafters managed a sports influencer marketing campaign to connect with the influencer’s social media following and elevate brand awareness for Milio’s Sandwiches, a locally owned and operated premium sandwich company based in Madison, Wisconsin.

Instagram Reach
up 150%
Digital Ad Impressions
almost 800,000
Sales Attribution From Emails
over $30,000

Client: Milio's Sandwiches

The Challenge

Research, strategize, secure partnership with a UW-Madison sports influencer, and execute a comprehensive marketing campaign.

Campaign Goals:

  • Increase brand awareness among UW-Madison students and Badger sports fans.
  • Promo code usage and increase sales.

What We Did:

  • Research potential college sports athlete influencers at UW-Madison and identify best possible fit.
  • Connect with influencer(s), negotiate, and secure partnership, and manage relationship.
  • Collaborate on content creation with influencer, including assist in filming content.
  • Create customized promotions for the influencer’s followers.
  • Create and manage customized 3-month marketing campaign. Campaign elements include:
    • Branded merchandise athlete can wear on campus and during content creation.
    • Design and execute organic graphics and paid social media ads.
    • Design and execute programmatic digital ads.
    • Design and program website assets.
    • Design and program point of sale assets.
    • Write and send campaign-specific emails to customers.
    • Write and send app push notifications promoting campaign promotions.

The Results:

  • Market Crafters secured and managed a 3-month partnership with UW-Madison Basketball’s Connor Essegian.
  • The social media campaign on Connor’s Instagram reached over 81,000 accounts and his reels had over 90,000 plays.
  • From October – December 2023, Milio’s Sandwiches social media pages saw a significant increase in reach:
    • Instagram: 157%
    • Facebook: 88%
  • Digital ads that featured Connor delivered over 280,000 impressions with an average of 0.19% click-through-rate (CTR).
  • Retargeting ads during the campaign period delivered over 460,000 impressions with an average of 0.17% click-through-rate (CTR).
  • The email campaign had an average of 39% open rate and 8% click rate, with almost $30,000 in sales attributed to those emails.
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