Recruitment Marketing: Generating Leads With a High ROAS

Named after one of the most hurricane-prone states, “The Florida Project” was an awareness and lead generation campaign with the goal to recruit insurance adjusters.

Cost-per-lead (CPL)
3,600 leads at $15 CPL
Cost-per-qualified-lead (CPQL)
1,000 leads at $75 CPQL
ROAS of over

Client: Pilot Catastrophe Services

The Challenge

The Florida Project was an awareness and educational campaign to educate the audience on why Pilot is the best choice for adjusters. The campaign started with a Florida-only concentration but because of its success, we opened it up to other states a month into the campaign period as the storm season got underway.

Campaign Goals

  • Hire adjusters for current and upcoming storms.
  • Build a volume roster of experienced, trained adjusters who are ready to deploy.

What we did

  • Set up webinar infrastructure to host online recruitment events. These events served as lead capture opportunities for new and disengaged adjusters.
  • Built a marketing microsite to serve as the central location to promote and capture webinar registrations in addition to encouraging adjusters to join the team for the storm season.
  • Ran digital ads on programmatic and social platforms to promote the webinar and signup link.
  • As the storm season got underway, Pilot hosted live storm updates to brief adjusters on new storms and potential assignments. Updates for these were sent to adjusters via email and text messaging campaigns.

The results

  • Lead generation: over 3,600 leads at $15 cost-per-lead (CPL).
  • Out of that list, the client successfully deployed 1,000 adjusters at $75 cost-per-qualified-lead (CPQL).
  • With our five-figure marketing budget, our return-on-ad-spend (ROAS) at the end of the campaign was over 600,000%.
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