Marketing Medicare Supplement Insurance on TV and OTT

Market Crafters helps WPS Health Insurance advertise their Medicare supplement insurance product on TV stations throughout the state of Wisconsin each year.

Sales growth
Increase in brand awareness
Post-campaign ad recall

Client: WPS Health Insurance

The Challenge

Research, strategize, manage placements and harness analytics and reporting for a statewide TV campaign selling Medicare supplement insurance.

Campaign Goals:

  • Generate marketing-qualified leads to pass to sales department to sell policies.
  • Increase overall awareness of WPS Health Insurance.

What We Did:

  • Write detailed but open-ended RFPs for TV vendors.
  • Solicited TV and OTT/streaming TV proposals from every TV station in Wisconsin.
  • Analyzed proposals, created high-level summaries.
  • Negotiated with TV sales representatives to adjust before we present final recommendations.
  • Make recommendations and guide client on stations to select.
  • Adjusted winning proposals, booked, and confirmed the placement.
  • Utilized data from the sales cycle, direct mail drops, CRM, market research and more to identify and plot out the most important times to have mass marketing presence.
  • Aligned our campaigns to all of the information we have available to us and what we know about how their ideal customer operates within the sales cycle.
  • Trafficked the client-produced TV spots to maximize their impact.
  • Monitored delivery of spots, approving make goods and other program changes.

The Results:

  • This TV campaign is the main mass marketing strategy that supports a larger marketing calendar (including direct mail and digital marketing). It supports increasing their sales-qualified leads and in turn increasing their sales every year since we’ve been on air.
  • Every year, we’ve evaluated awareness of WPS through market research. The most recent study showed a 27% increase in unaided brand awareness and an impressive 43% ad recall on their ads.
  • In 2022, we had a 74% increase in sales over an already record year.
  • Since 2018, sales have grown 220%.
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