Higher Ed: Recruiting Undergrads With a Message That Resonates

Build brand awareness and increase undergraduate inquiries from prospective undergraduate students at a private college.

Prospect Inquiries
almost 10,000
Digital ad impressions
over 7 million
Unique users to the website
over 20,000 users

Client: Edgewood College

The Challenge

In 2020, we ran an undergraduate recruitment digital campaign for a private college in Wisconsin, targeting both college intenders and their parents. The goals were to build brand awareness and increase undergraduate inquiries at the college.

Campaign Goals:

  • Raise brand awareness around Edgewood College and their undergraduate programs.
  • Increase undergraduate inquiries from prospective students.

What We Did:

We worked on three key elements for this campaign:

  • Creative messaging strategy
  • Digital ad design
  • Digital marketing plan with targeted ads on programmatic, search, social, video, and streaming.

The Results:

  • Almost 10,000 inquiries from prospective undergraduate students.
  • Over 7 million ad impressions with an average CTR of 0.28%.
  • Over 120,000 ad impressions on streaming TV with a 98.26% completion rate.
  • Brought in over 20,000 users to the website, resulting in over 85,000 pageviews with a 17.5% bounce rate.
Website Before & After