Digital & Email Marketing Increased Tech Disclosures by 29%

Could we increase tech disclosures (form fills) for WARF with a minimal digital ad budget and an email marketing campaign?

Increased disclosures
by 29% in only 30 days
Increase in pageviews
more than 400% from previous year
Digital Ad Attribution
more than 60%

Client: Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation

The Challenge

WARF approached us with a challenge to test whether digital and email marketing would bring in new disclosures into their technology funnel.

Campaign Goals:

  • Increase tech disclosures (form fills) during the campaign period.
  • Increase awareness of the disclosure process and improve repeat disclosures.

What We Did:

  • Conducted interviews with their intellectual property staff to understand the disclosure cycle.
  • Developed targeted messaging, designed digital ads and recommended landing page updates.
  • Targeted ads through programmatic display capturing campus locations and job titles.
  • Designed and executed a complementary automated email marketing campaign to target new researchers once they’d been on campus for a certain period of time to improve awareness.
  • Created a real-time data dashboard.
  • Monitored the campaign, adjusting creative and delivery as needed.
  • Analyzed audience insights reports compared to backend form fills to demonstrate attribution and return on investment.

The Results:

  • Increased disclosures by 29% in only 30 days, with disclosures directly attributed to our digital ad campaign.
  • Increased organic traffic to the website and saw an increase in the rate of returning visitors on the landing page.
  • Pageviews increased by 411.9% when compared to the same period last year.
  • Our automated email campaign was sent to less than 100 researchers and drove 8 new contacts, including one disclosure meeting.
Website Before & After